About Telebyte., Inc.

Telebyte is the leader in channel emulation for broadband data communication systems, with a reputation built on 30+ years of innovation, customer service and product quality.

Headquartered in New York State, USA, Telebyte’s solutions are used by companies around the world for a variety of physical layer testing applications such as IoT, Telco rate/reach, qualification, R&D, interoperability, vendor trials and more.

Telebyte recognizes the many challenges with single pair ethernet such as communicating over great distances, operating in harsh industrial environments, and providing Power over Data Line (PoDL) on a single pair. Our test and measurement equipment will play an essential role in meeting those challenges.

Our years of experience with channel emulation, noise generation and test automation have shown us that standardization in testing methods and independent test gear are of great importance for any technology to succeed. This develops the trust and reliability needed to accelerate SPE technology. Telebyte’s equipment will follow the industry standards allowing us to be an independent test and measurement equipment provider.

Telebyte also understands that reliability, quality and superior product support are of immense value to our customers. We will be a trusted partner, helping our customers meet their SPE technology goals.

“Your Trusted Partner in SPE Testing.”

Primary Focus of New Product Development: SPE testing solutions for Compliance, Safety and Interoperability applications.

SPE Product Line

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Cable Emulator: Emulates the physical layer twisted pair copper cable properties defined in the IEEE 802.3cg-2019 standard for 10BASE-T1L for both 1.0Vpp and 1.4Vpp operation modes. This product supports Power over Data Line (PoDL) for Class 10 -15 Devices safety testing and allows you to vary the DC Loop Resistance to test that the Power Source Equipment (PSE) will deliver sufficient power to the Powered Device (Pd) for a stable SPE link. The cable emulator may also be used to introduce cable faults such as a faulty wire connection at a terminal block that may cause impedance mismatches that results in data errors. Also included, a differential noise injector on each end of the cable to mix noise with the 10 Mbps Ethernet signal that may be coupled into the twisted pair cable in different environments to do system level testing.

Noise Generator/Digital Analyzer: Generates and captures different types of impulsive noise or background noise to test the performance of the SPE system. The Analyzer function captures noise on the twisted pair cable plant for import into the noise generator and injection onto Telebyte’s SPE Cable Emulator.  In addition the analyzer may be used to capture and analyze the 10BASE-T1L signal to determine the transmitter voltage, transmitter voltage droop, transmitter timing jitter, transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD), and transmitter clock frequency in both 1.0Vpp and 2.4Vpp modes.

Switching Matrixes: Model 600 Switching Matrix Series allows users to switch multiple groups of 10BASE-T1L Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) source-to-load devices such as Ethernet APL Power Switches and APL Ethernet Powered Devices into the test environment. Supports Power over DataLine (PoDL) Classes 10-15 for 10BASE-T1L, Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) test beds with trunk-to-spur, trunk-to-trunk, or spur-to-spur testing. Save time with automated testing of twisted pair, 2-wire Single Pair Ethernet for simple field connection, 10Mbps Data Rate with full duplex communication with test trunk lengths up to 1100m, and spurs up to 150m.

Spur Emulator: Emulates eight channels of two-wire spur cable segments (of under 200m) between a 10Base-T1L field Power Switch and field Powered Devices (PD) that draw power from the switch to operate and communicate. The passive design features a very low noise floor – providing realistic, repeatable Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) test results for field switches and powered devices.


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