Model 4950-P01 SPE Multifunction Probe

Single Pair Ethernet Testing Solution
For use with the Model 4950 Channel Emulator

The Telebyte 4950-P01 SPE Multifunction Probe test instrument is designed specifically for testing Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) 10BASE-T1L with Power over Dataline (PoDL) as defined in the Ethernet-APL Data Test Specification v1.5, Power Test Specification v1.2 and the IEEE 802.3-2022 standard.

This specialized instrument is used with the Model 4950 Channel Emulator to test a wide range of Power Source Ports (PSE) and Powered Device (PD or Load) ports in applications such as Auto-Negotiation Tests,  Transmitter Tests, BER Receiver Test, Power coupling and decoupling, noise generation (including background and impulsive noise), noise capture to replicate field environments in the lab, Power Spectral Density (PSD) and power level measurements, Transmitter clock frequency, distortion and jitter measurements, Voltage Droop, MDI Return Loss, PoDL / SPoE measurements and more.   

This physical layer compliance test solution ensures interoperability between different designs and applications offered by hardware vendors. It features a variety of functions designed to enable and simplify automation of a universal test setup with no manual changes of patch cables or test fixtures (e.g., jigs, baluns) in the test setup.

The Model 4950-P01 SPE Probe is used with the Telebyte Model 4950 SPE Cable Emulator (see separate datasheet). This test suite facilitates multivendor interoperability, performance testing on different twisted pair cable lengths and noise environments, and compliance testing using the Ethernet-APL Worst Case Communication Channels for Trunk or Spur ports.

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4950-P01 Back View