Model 600
Switching Matrix Series

Telebyte Model 600 Switching Matrix Series automates testing of 10BASE-T1L and 10BASE-T1S and supports PoDL.
Features Include
High performance transparent switching solutions designed to automate testing of 10BASE-T1L and 10BASE-T1S
Supports Power over Data Lines (PoDL)
Access automated testbed remotely
Select from different modules for switching Single Pair Ethernet
Wide variety of test automation configurations
-Switch in multiple groups of Devices Under Test (DUT) to the test environment
Low Crosstalk
Very Low Insertion Loss
Terminates all unused pairs with 100 ohms automatically
Modules plug into multi-slot, rack-mounted chassis
Modular architecture allows for expansion
Can be controlled remotely via Telnet or SSH with a Command Line Interface (CLI) or web based GUI
Custom cabling available
Back view of 6 Model 600-SM-1-1-32-TP-100A modules installed in the Model 600-6SL chassis.

Front view of 6 Model 600-SM-1-1-32-TP-100A modules installed in the Model 600-6SL chassis.
600-SM-1-1-32-TP-100ATransparent Switching Matrix Module (1, 1×32)
Single Twisted Pair Cable
600-6SLChassis accepts six 600 series modules.
Required for control of modules.
Custom ItemsCabling and Patch Panels per customer
requirement available

Example Diagram

For remote automated testing, Telebyte provides the Model 600 Layer 1 switching modules to automatically switch in devices to the test bed.

This example details the Telebyte test bed made up of a single channel Model 4950-001 Cable Emulator for 10BASE-T1L testing with Power over Data Line (PoDL) and two Telebyte Model 600-SM-1-1-32 (1×32) switches.

The test bed contains three Type E 10BASE-T1L 8-port SPE Power Switches and 24 Powered Devices. To save time this combination of Power Switches and Powered devices may be switched into the testbed automatically with the switch to ensure the SPE link is functioning with PoDL.

The 600 layer 1 switching modules may be automated with a command line interface to switch the 24 different Power source ports into the cable emulator. A second switch connects to the 24 different powered devices. 

The entire combination of source ports and load ports may be tested to ensure interoperability and compatibility with PoDL classification, quality of service and performance testing.

Example diagram of 10BASET-1L PHY automated testing using Telebyte Model 600 Series switch and Model 4950 Cable Emulator.

Switching 1 SPE Power Switch Port to32 Powered SPE Devices Over 1 Emulated SPE Channel. Application: Automated Interoperability Testing of Field Powered Devices.